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Models do it. Editors do it. Photographers do it. Even Set Directors, Manicurists, and high and mighty Journalists do it. So why shouldn’t Bloggers do it? Representation is everything in the Age of the SuperBlogger.

I’d like to start this off by letting you know that IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers, is firmly against bloggers hiring agents, a message that they’ve presented in conferences and articles, attacks on the business of fashion blogging. I, as the owner of the largest fashion blogger agency and one of the most successful fashion bloggers, would like to go on the defensive of this statement and provide an argument that disproves Jeanine Jacobs ideas around the nature of blogger representation. You can read her thoughts here and here.
For today’s fashion bloggers image is everything; representation can be an important part of developing and marketing that image. Bloggers who stand out among the masses and whose editorial aesthetics are deemed Vogue-worthy have become celebrities themselves, many with a fanbase of millions. A handful of these bloggers have turned to hiring talent agents to help expand their own “blogging empire”, bringing in offers, but more importantly, managing those coming in . High profile bloggers command a portion of the fashion market and want to hold onto to their influence for as long as possible, talent agents guide these careers and help bloggers reach their goals through connections within the industry.

Bloggers seek out talent agents to emphasize their creative content and provide advice on legal issues (i.e. brand partnering and contracts). Since bloggers spend the majority of their time developing and editing creative content, most have limited negotiation tactics or experience in business and law. They desire to remain the artist and creative, while someone else manages other business affairs such as marketing, selling and ensuring long term growth of the art. That’s where a talent agent comes in—they have the skill sets to effectively and professionally utilize online digital media and offline public relations to market their client’s site by exploring advertising, e-commerce, brand partnerships, etc. Agents are also able to protect their client’s creative content and image. Blog posts can be easily stolen or manipulated, especially in the world of copy-and-paste. In addition, anything a blogger photographs or writes becomes a part of their image which needs to be managed and groomed in order to remain relevant.

Just as it’s only a select group of bloggers who rise to the ranks of The Blonde Salad, Viva Luxury or Wendy’s Lookbook, there are far fewer who know how to properly manage their influence long term, eventually leading into television and higher paying endorsement deals. One cannot help but to parallel the establish persona and image that bloggers create to that of say, an actor or a photographer. All are creating fresh contemporary entertainment and all are using talent agents to secure their creative future.

One blogger who represents this phenomenon is Leandra Medine, a.k.a. The Man Repeller -one of the biggest names in the fashion blogosphere. She signed with the talent agency Creative Artists Agency, who represents numerous elite bloggers, includingBryanBoy, in July of last year. In an interview regarding her newfound relationship with the agency Medine stated: “I think more than anything what’s great is that they have taught me to think on a larger scale. This is our moment, so we may as well seize it.” Medine, along with many other well-known bloggers, value the efforts put forth by agencies to further their client’s talents, creative abilities, and goals. Yet Medine understands that these days everyone has their 15-minutes of fame and expanding her name and blog by means of a talent agency is a way to ensure that the Man Repeller lives on.

Aside from those benefits, agents attract deals. Most of the inquires we receive are never for one bloggers, most brands are looking for multiple blogger campaigns, hoping to reach 10 – 50 talents at once. We build bigger initiatives and help spread the love, paying out talents and bringing more money into your doors. We do this by listening to all incoming offers, connecting with larger clients through our work with Conde Nast and Federated Media, and negotiating deals which make bloggers money. A blogger, on her or his own can’t do this. It’s the number one reason bloggers need agents, at least the successful ones.

Talent agents help to protect and bring to life the unique vision of the influential fashion bloggers that millions obsess over.